SRCS District Hires New COVID-19 Coordinator

Mask on! After eight years being a math teacher at Rincon Valley Middle School and a year of being an assistant principal at Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School, Kateland Weighall was hired as the Covid Coordinator for the district. She is obviously the first person to ever hold this position for the district, and is, “very excited about the opportunity.” She was also hoping that this could be a first step to stepping away from teaching and exploring bigger admin roles in the district. 
Photo By: Kateland Weighall

Article By: Spencer Page

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Santa Rosa City Schools District have created a new position, called COVID coordinator. This new position has the primary responsibility of developing and maintaining a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan for all of the different sites, students and employees throughout the Santa Rosa City Schools District. However, while this position is dealing with predominantly a COVID-19 response plan, it is also responsible for the coordination of the district’s Safe Schools Program, Emergency Preparedness Management and the district’s Injury Illness and Prevention Program.

Recently, this position was filled by Kateland Weighall, a former math teacher and an assistant principal in the Santa Rosa City Schools district, who applied for the job and received it. And now that she has been doing it for a little over three months she is starting to get the hang of it, however when interviewed, she described that the hardest part of the job is the, “stressful” and “ever changing,” nature of it. While most teachers have been getting into the routine of doing distance learning, Weighall can’t have this normal routine due to the pandemic’s uncertainty and ever changing infected numbers, surrounding the COVID-19 cases.

Weighall stated that going back to school in some capacity was the overall goal, however right now she is working on bringing back some sports for practice as a test run for how school could be conducted in the coming months. This is the stressful part of the job, as she has to trust that the guidelines that she and the district have set for staying safe work. Secondly, that all of the students will actually follow the guidelines put into place. She also is following and having to stay in accordance with the Blueprint for a Safer Economy which was set forth by the state. This plan tells the counties and school districts in California what is able to go back to normal at each level of COVID-19 cases and sets forth guidelines for when things can resume normally.

Finally, when asked how long she thought she would work the job she said, “We all hope that we can be out of this in less than a year, but I’m signed to a year long contract.” 

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