Students Staying Fit While Sports Are Postponed

Enjoy the beauties of Sonoma County’s many trails. On July 31, 2020, the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country team held a makeshift Cross Country Camp. While the rest of the team ran up Bald Mountain, sophomore Marty Geffner rode his bike up, since he was injured. Bald Mountain is one of the many places where you can run, hike, or bike in Sonoma County in the fresh air. “The best part [of the whole ride] was probably reaching the top and, of course, the view,” said Geffner. 
Photo By: Marty Geffner

Article By: Maddie Sanabria

Unfortunately, due to COVID, kids and teens are not moving as much as they should. Their regular sports are either cancelled or postponed. 

The US Department of Agriculture says that a child or teen of 6-17 years old “should do 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day”. This means that during the day you need to get up and move your body.

There are many ways you can workout. You can run, hike, walk, bike, do yoga, or practice the sports you play.

When the weather is nice outside you can go outside for exercise. There are many trails that we have access to in Sonoma County. Some good trails to explore are located in Annadel, Sugar Loaf, and Taylor Mountain. On these trails you can hike or go mountain biking. Spring Lake also has paved paths where you can run or walk.

Sophomore Marty Geffner has been cycling and doing core workouts to stay fit while there are not any sports practices. “It’s really good to try to stay active. Without sports, working out can really be an escape from the screen,” says Geffner. 

Unfortunately, since California is currently experiencing a lot of fires, sometimes the air quality is not safe for being outdoors. However, there are still a lot of ways you can workout and move your body while being indoors, such as yoga and workout videos. 

There are hundreds of workout videos on YouTube and other websites that you have access to. Katie Simpson, a senior at Santa Rosa High School, has an instagram account called the.brik, where she posts workout videos that she creates.

Simpson makes a variety of workout videos, but she says her favorite videos are, “the butt workout I posted- you don’t need any equipment, but still get the burn. I also like my muscle up progressions because I’ve gotten a lot better at them and they show my hard work.”

Another great way to move your body is doing yoga. If you do not like to run or break a sweat, doing yoga or stretching is a great option. 

Staying fit or in shape is not the whole point of working out. There are a lot of other benefits of working out as well, such as having an alternative activity to do other than binge watching Netflix, being outdoors more, or gaining more confidence in yourself. 

It is very important to get 60 minutes or more of vigorous exercise at least three days of the week to stay healthy and in shape for whatever sports you are planning on playing this year.

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