Problems & Outages On Zoom

Class disruptions. Displaying the huge outage that occurred at the beginning of the school year, the chart shows the number of outage reports on that day. Outages affected a handful of classes at Santa Rosa High School, causing students to miss classwork. “I hope they don’t happen again,” said Junior Khmyah Prak, “It was a bit difficult to catch up after that.”
Image from Zoom

Article By: Tianna Cooke

One of the biggest challenges everyone has faced due to COVID-19 is shifting from on campus learning to virtual learning on the video conferencing app, Zoom. Zoom became widely popularized in the spring of this year when many schools made the switch to distance learning. This has resulted in many complications for students and teachers, as some have internet issues and others don’t show up for class. But at times, the technical difficulties don’t come from students or the teachers, but from Zoom itself. 

Earlier in the school year, Zoom experienced a huge outage, affecting numerous classes at Santa Rosa High School. It caused a number of students to miss class, and many teachers to cancel class, seeing as they couldn’t get Zoom up and running. Zoom has yet to speak out about any of their outages, but most believe it’s because they’ve hosted on a third party server, which is very advertisement heavy. This obviously makes the online learning process more difficult than it already is, causing classes to fall behind on lessons and schoolwork. 

“It’s already really hard to do school virtually, and even more so when there’s trouble with Zoom,” said junior Sammy O’brien. “It causes us to get behind and sometimes the lesson(s) that we missed feels rushed when taught because the teachers are so eager to get back on track,”she added. “The switch was already very difficult, so when Zoom is down it’s nerve-racking,” said junior Valeria Cervantes. When Zoom is not experiencing outages, they have had connection issues. There have been many reports of Zoom links not working or having no problem with getting onto certain classes then unable to get on the next. “There have been a lot of times I’ve missed class because the link won’t work and then I’d come back the next class and have no idea what’s going on because I unintentionally missed a class,’ said junior Khmyah Prak. The Zoom outages have caused a number of setbacks to school systems as many are relying on the program to run properly in order to do their best when it comes to distance learning.

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