Virtual Basketball Practice

David Joseph (left) flies like an eagle. Jaeden Callender (right) attempts to counter David’s sweat-soaked ball before it reaches his hoop in a vigorously intense game of basketball. The two had recently played at Santa Rosa High School’s basketball courts to hone their skills in preparation for the season. “He’s just too fast!” exclaims Jaeden after being mercilessly destroyed 4-0.

Article & Photo By: Jerral Agbayani

Living in a pandemic has been one of the toughest things  students have had to go through in their high school years. Having to have done everything virtually, Santa Rosa High School’s sports teams had taken measures to ensure that their players are in the right shape for when Sonoma County loosens its restrictions on social distancing so that athletes can get right back into competing in sports.

The Santa Rosa High  basketball team had been hosting daily virtual zooms, with the players having Thursdays and Sundays off. Their schedules included weight training on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, while basketball training took place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Though they had kept their weekly practice at a frequent pace, as of late September, they have stopped hosting their online meetings.

Over the past month, Junior Varsity player David Joseph has been busy working on improving his game in preparation for the trials for this upcoming  basketball season.

“I practice almost everyday and always work on something that needs to be worked on,” says David, as he shoots a successful three pointer at the basketball courts by a nearby park. “You always got to better yourself, no matter how good you are. Everything can always get better; everything can always improve.” 

While our players practice at their homes and local parks, many other schools in the district have been taking similar actions to better their players through meetings and schedules. Our coaches are clearly focusing more on conditioning than skills, which makes sense seeing as students are in the off-season right now, and it will further everyone’s agility and stamina by the time they are able to go back to school and do sports.

This upcoming March has the country on edge, since it marks the anniversary of America’s quarantine. In the end, it’s about who is more ready than the other, because once the ball hits the floor it’s going to be a frenzy. With basketball beginning that month, one can only hope the state of this nation loosens up for our high school sports teams to kick some butt!

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