Halloween 2020-Costumes And Trick Or Treating

Emily Johansson dresses up as Dwight Schrute from The Office. She has been thinking of wearing this costume for a few years now, but only got around to it this year. Usually, Johansson would have a party with friends to celebrate Halloween. However, this year she is poll working instead of partying. “Although Halloween is less exciting for me this year, I’m still super excited to wear my costume because I’ve really been looking forward to it,” Said Johansson.
Photo By: Emily Johansson

Article By: Makayla Millea

With Halloween just around the corner, many are wondering if there is any way to celebrate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, even in these crazy times, some students of Santa Rosa High School have found ways to have fun and stay safe this Halloween.

Lauren Kelleher, a senior at SRHS, is planning on making her costume match with her boyfriend this year. The two decided to go as Princess Aurora, or Briar Rose, and Prince Phillip, from the classic Disney film “Sleeping Beauty.” Kelleher stated that she was planning on making her costume either by sewing it or ordering parts of it online.

When it comes to plans, however, the usual trick-or-treating doesn’t seem to be on the itinerary. Kelleher said, “I don’t plan on trick-or-treating, but I will probably do a little photoshoot with my boyfriend or hang out socially distanced with a friend or two.” 

She also stated that if she does end up doing anything with friends, they would make sure that they would be outside with masks on. She doesn’t plan on going anywhere outside the safety of her or a friend’s house. “I am definitely less excited [about Halloween] because I won’t be walking around in my costume, but hopefully I can still showcase it on social media,” said Kelleher.

Another student with exciting costume plans this year is Emily Johansson, who is also a senior at SRHS. As a fan of The Office for a few years now, Johansson has decided to dress up as Dwight Schrute, a well-known character in the show. She explained that she intends to find what she needs for the costume online and piece it all together. 

Like Kelleher, Johansson’s plans don’t include trick-or-treating. Instead, she will be poll working, and then going home to watch a scary movie. She mentioned that she would make time to take pictures of her costume. “I would say that Halloween is less exciting for me this year,” Johansson said. “Normally, we would be able to celebrate together and be inside.”

Though few plan on participating in traditional trick-or-treating, students can have fun this Halloween in a variety of ways through creating costumes and planning events that are safe. If you plan on having a gathering with friends, remember to social distance and wear your masks. Stay safe, and happy Halloween!

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