Best Halloween Movies To Watch

On Monday, November 2, Santa Rosa High School’s ArtQuest Program will be holding a drive-in movie at the Luther Burbank Center. The chosen film is Beetlejuice and it will begin at 6:45pm. Tickets can be purchased through the Friends Of ArtQuest website.
Infographic Provided By SRHS ArtQuest

Article By: Destyni Hayes

What is the best halloween movie to watch? Is it horror or maybe a thriller? It could even be a family movie. There have been many movies produced for this spooky season over the years, so it’s hard to just choose one. There is one movie that beats the rest, with the information collected from the students of Santa Rosa High School through a Google survey. 

Coraline is considered the winner of the best halloween movie according to the student survey, and it is a claymation family  movie made in 2009 and directed by Henry Selick. Coraline is about a girl who travels to an alternate dimension and meets an alternate version of her family. Things were great but soon took a horrid turn. 

The movie in second place is Beetlejuice, this movie was released in 1988 and directed by  Micheael Bender, Larry Wilson, and Richard Hashimoto. This movie is about a couple, Barbra and Adam Maitland, who died in a car crash and were forever locked up in their home as ghosts. Another family moved into the home, the Deetzes and their teenage daughter buy the new house, but the Maitlands try to scare them away. 

A close third is Hocus Pocus which was released in 1993 and the director is Kenny Ortega. The movie focuses on three witches who are summoned back on halloween by a reckless boy who didn’t believe in witches. 

All these movies are great and were made to be watched during this scary time of the year, so grab your popcorn and go binge these spooky movies!

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