Fall Sports Schedule Changes/Updates

The volleyball team is working out over a zoom meeting every Monday and Wednesday. Every week the coach, Rob Beal, tries to do new exercises to keep the workouts new and exciting. On Monday September 14, the girls did leg and glute workouts. Junior Kayleen Ledbetter says, “I think the zooms are very helpful, they are keeping us in shape while still being connected to the team”.  

Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria

Covid-19 has changed many things throughout Santa Rosa High School. One of the biggest impacts on SRHS is the cancellation of school sports, along with their current delay.

All of the fall sports have been currently delayed until early December. Having the sports delayed, forces the players to stay in shape and game-ready for a longer period of time than is usually required.

As of right now, volleyball tryouts are scheduled for December 14th and 15th. After tryouts, the season should proceed as it would have normally in the fall. 

The volleyball season will still start out with three pre-season games; and then continue on with the regular season.

Volleyball is a contact sport which makes it dangerous to practice with other people since players and coaches will all be touching the same ball frequently during practices and games. 

“I think covid has had a big impact on the season since we will have started a lot later than normal and because there is a lot of contact with the sport itself and will raise more red flags” says Santa Rosa High School Junior, Kayleen Ledbetter.

Since volleyball is a team sport, it is very difficult to practice the skills by yourself. Because of this, the players and coach have to be creative for how to stay in shape and be game ready. 

The Varsity volleyball coach Rob Beal has been holding zoom meetings twice a week for an hour to lead the athletes in workouts.

Santa Rosa High School Senior, Emily Johansson has been going to the zoom workouts, but in addition to that she has also been going on runs, doing one person drills, and trying to get her younger sister to practice with her.

Johansson mentioned that the zoom meetings have been really helpful for her, “Not only does it motivate me to exercise, I get to see my teammates as well!”

The football season will also be starting on December 14th; there will be six preseason games and five North Bay League games.

The football coach is also holding zoom meetings for practices since they are not able to practice in person. 

Not only does the team do the zoom workouts and their own workouts at home, but they also watch films of different football plays on different online sources. 

During the beginning of summer, the football team was still able to practice in person, but about half way through the summer they had to stop doing those practices, due to the spreading of COVID-19 in Sonoma county.

Not playing football has affected Santa Rosa High School Junior Manuel Garcia’s future. One of his goals is to play college football, but if there aren’t any games he is worried that he won’t “get noticed or even looked at by colleges”.

Both Manuel Garcia and Sophomore Dylan Fallrad have been doing weight training at home and cardio workouts throughout the week.

Cross country’s has also been pushed back as their first practice is on  December 14th; their first meet is scheduled for January 27th. The good thing about cross country is that it is not a contact sport, and so, it is easier for them to practice alone. 

Over the summer the cross country team met together and ran three times a week, but they have stopped practicing with the whole team because online school started again in August. 

Senior Lael Joseph has been running 4-5 days a week with her friend Eliana Bruce. Sophomore Tristan Liggett also has been running a lot on his own as well. 

Joseph misses, “the wonderful community, the energetic atmosphere, and the intense training keeps me stable as I navigate other areas of life.”

Not having cross country practice and having to wait for the meets is hard on Liggett, “ not having races in the foreseeable future really hurts my motivation.”

In the past both girls tennis and girls golf were both winter sports, but this year these sports are going to be rescheduled to the fall.

The schedules are still unclear for these sports, but most likely they will have the same schedules as volleyball, football, and cross country. 

Overall, all of the fall sports have had to make many changes to their schedules, practices, and staying in shape/game ready. 

All of the coaches and players have been working very hard to keep the sports alive during these hard times.

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