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The Best Mask For COVID-19 & Smoke

Effective and ineffective masks. Carol Freeland, a retired nurse, stands next to her husband Mark Freeland, wearing masks that will keep them safe while holding a mask that won’t keep them safe. Carol Freeland’s past experience as a nurse contributes to the knowledge that she has on the effectiveness of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m doing everything I can to keep myself safe for my family,” Carol Freeland said. “I hope that other people will be considerate and wear effective masks so that my husband and I can stay

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Fall Sports Schedule Changes/Updates

The volleyball team is working out over a zoom meeting every Monday and Wednesday. Every week the coach, Rob Beal, tries to do new exercises to keep the workouts new and exciting. On Monday September 14, the girls did leg and glute workouts. Junior Kayleen Ledbetter says, “I think the zooms are very helpful, they are keeping us in shape while still being connected to the team”.   Article & Photo By: Madison Sanabria Covid-19 has changed many things throughout Santa Rosa High School. One of the biggest impacts on SRHS is

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The Limitation Of School Sports

Empty field. With the restrictions set on coaches due to COVID-19, fields have been left empty for the past few months. The baseball field is usually one of the nicest high school fields in Sonoma county due to the incredible hard work put in by coach Paige Dumont. “Ever since the beginning of quarantine, I’ve been wondering about the condition of the field and what us players are going to do about it,” said senior JT Hollis, a pitcher on the baseball team. “The field is out of control and I’m worried about what it will look like

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SRHS Scheduling and Class Size Mishaps

This photo, taken on Valentine’s Day of 2020, shows senior Alex Mintonye, senior Madison Ligget, senior Katie Simpson, junior Amy Genolio, junior Madelyn Chu, junior Molly Murphy, 2020 Grad Gwen Faeth, and 2020 Grad Stephanie Beard shows two of the annual Valentine’s Day singing quartets that choir does for the school. This was always one of the most fun and memorable days for the choir as a whole and when asked about it Senior Katie Simpson said, “I think I may be most sad about missing the quartets on Valentine’s day, it was

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The Pros And Cons Of Online Vs. In-Person Learning

Google garbage. This is the screen that every student sees each day instead of the faces of their teachers and peers. This is the screen that stresses out and frustrates so many teenagers. Freshman Payton Flohr from Woodcreek High School in Roseland wrote that, “It is difficult to find information directly relating to the topic we are learning about. There are too many websites on Google; it can become overwhelming.”

Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman Have you ever felt lost and alone, scared in

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COVID-19 Postpones School Sports at SRHS

Delay of Game. With no games scheduled until at least January, the football field at Santa Rosa High School remains empty, but football coach Roy Keegan is hopeful that players and fans will be able to return to the field in January.  COVID has hampered SRHS sports since March when schools closed due to the pandemic.  “Other state high school games are allowing fans to attend using social distancing.”, Keegan said. “If we have to, we will mark off the stands so our friends and families can attend our games.” Article & Photo

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SRHS Agriculture & FFA Programs Amidst COVID-19

The Animal Team! The students of SRHS AG classes celebrate their work at the 2019 Sonoma County Fair. While they were unable to attend the event in-person for the 2020 showing, it remains a high-energy event that they hope will return in 2021. A message on the program’s social media says, “we would like to thank the Sonoma County Fair for holding a virtual auction today and more importantly we would like to thank our community, alumni, and supporters who purchased livestock from our students.” Photo By: Lisa Piehl  Article By:

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The Confusing College Application Process

Start your applications. Deadlines are fast approaching and this is not something you want to procrastinate on. Applications have been open for almost two months now, so get started. Senior Spencer Page says, “I have been trying to get an early start on my college applications, because I know if I push it off it will make me more stressed.”

Article & Photo By: Shai Fichtelberg As summer comes to an end, and students get back into the rhythm of school, many seniors begin one of the most challenging tasks of

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The Range of Climate Change

Raging Fires. The smoke in the sky creates a colorful sunset across most of Sonoma County. Many fires in California started burning in mid-August, causing millions of acres to go up in flames. “Since this is a norm for California, I really think it’s just going to unfortunately get worse,” said SRHS junior and climate change demonstrator Olivia House. “Not only weather, but daily routines and [activities], will change around this time [every] year.” Article & Photo By: Tara Elsa Climate change is affecting everyone

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Performing Arts Struggle During COVID-19

In the four weeks of putting on a show together, this group picture was the closest the cast of Pippin ever got to each other. However the cast - limited to twelve people - wasn’t complaining. Gibson said, “On the last day of performance, I finally understood how incredible it was that we got to perform during a pandemic and I made sure to give it my all and enjoy every second.” Gibson and his castmates were tremendously grateful for this invaluable experience during a crazy time.

Photo by Bill Meese.

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