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Coronacation Activities: Teaching My Brother to Bake

Article By: Alice Brookston Over my family and I’s coronacation, I wondered how I should spend all the free-time that I had suddenly ended up with. Eventually I decided I would help out my older brother, Porter.

Now, I will admit that my brother has a load up book-smarts up his sleeve, but he also is quite lacking in some life-skills. For example, my brother doesn’t know how to bake much more than brownies from a box, and sometimes even that can be a challenge for him. So this would be my quarantine mission:

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Dating Amidst a Global Pandemic

Article By: Makayla Millea As social distancing continues in Sonoma County, many people are growing lonely without being able to do the outside activities they would normally do. One particular activity that a lot of people are missing out on is dating. But how does one go about dating during a pandemic such as this one? Rose Barboza, a resident in Santa Rosa, has been using her time while in self-quarantine to get closer to her new boyfriend that she met through an online dating site. According to Barboza, social distancing

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