Korean Comfort Food

By Aidan Ramsay

With winter comes a universal search for coziness. Everybody knows the basics of a cozy blanket, a warm fireplace and a good movie, but in my opinion, the most important piece of the puzzle is some good ole’ comfort food. But these days, my go-to isn’t American food, or South American, or even European, it’s Korean.

I say this because all the components I look for in comforting me on a cold day are found in their cuisine in spades. For me, these components are hardiness, flavor, and warmth. One of my favorite Korean dishes includes bibimbab, a blistering hot stir-fried rice dish served in a hot stone pot with an egg draped over the top, flavored with sriracha and the marination of whatever meat or veggie is inside.

Soft tofu soup, a thick broth flavored with whatever meat you can think of (the seafood ones are my favorite) and filled with broken up super soft bits and strands of tofu. But who can forget the classic of Korean barbecue, of which my favorite dish is, of course, the short rib: a super fatty, deeply flavorful cut of beef served over a bed caramelized onions. Finally, last but definitely not least was a surprise to me when I tried it, but Korean fried chicken. In my opinion, it’s just as good as American fried chicken, but it’s glazed in what I can only describe as magic. 

And so, it just happens to grade pretty perfectly on my scale of what makes comfort food comforting: it’s super filling, super flavorful, and often ferociously hot. So, hopefully, by this point, you’re craving a good and filling, hardy Korean meal. In which case, I would suggest Tov Tofu on 1169 Yulupa Ave, a small but cozy Korean restaurant perfect for your Korean food needs, with all the dishes I mentioned above being performed to perfection.

So, many of you will continue to eat the classics and I don’t blame you, but one day, when you’re cozied up by the fireplace and get a rumble in your belly, try slurping some soft tofu soup. 

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