Looking for summer opportunities? Read about the unforgettable travels experienced in the GLA program for teens

By Avery Macnab

With the fourth quarter wrapping up, the time has come for people to start looking for summer opportunities. If you are interested in an unforgettable travel experience, you should consider looking into GLA.

GLA or Global Leadership Adventures is a leadership travel program for teenagers from ages 13-18. This program takes teens to countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America and features community service, hands on learning, and adventure.

In Africa you can visit countries such as Ghana, South Africa, or Tanzania. In Asia and the Pacific you can visit Bali, China, Fiji, India, or Thailand. In Central America/The Caribbean you can explore Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Guatemala, or Haiti. In Europe you can visit Spain, and in South America you can visit Brazil, Galapagos, or Peru. Each trip takes 20 or so teens who are greeted and supervised by loving, motivated, seasoned leaders who work as staff for the whole trip.

One thing that is so unique about this program is all of the destinations are exclusively authentic, and in non-tourist communities. This means you are serving and connecting with a true community. Through service in this community, you have the opportunity to bond with the local inhabitants and make a real and significant impact on their home.

Another unique factor about these trips is the privilege to lead the people around you. GLA is very keen on giving teens opportunity to step up in a global context and face real challenges in partnerships with the communities they are in.

Everyone who has participated in this program speaks very highly of it. A girl who went to Africa last summer says “My GLA experience in Ghana was the most memorable three weeks of my life so far, and I continue to tell my friends and family that I wish I could’ve remained there for the rest of the summer… I was able to see how healthcare was provided to patients in a rural context. The few hours I spent at the hospital reconfirmed my interest in healthcare.”

GLA gives high school students the opportunity to spend an unforgettable week bonding, serving, and unlocking their passions.

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