Overview and Results of Santa Rosa High’s 2019 Mr. Panther Competition

By Avery West

Mr. Panther, the biggest event of the year at Santa Rosa high School took place on February 9th, 2019. Mr. Panther acts as a male beauty pageant, the students look forward to this beloved event every year. This year, eight seniors were picked to share their special talents, answer questions about their last four years at Santa Rosa High and provide entertainment for their peers and family members. At the end of the pageant one senior boy gets voted to achieve the title of Mr.Panther. The night always begins with a video composed of a brief introduction of the candidates produced by Neo Wagner. After the video, all of the boys entered onto the stage with a sassy dance choreographed by seniors Sage Cleek and Makenna Kithcart.

Photo courtesy of Gwen Berghof

For the swimwear part of the competition, the contestants along with their escorts showcased their favorite swimsuits. Senior Lars Gummer along with his escorts Makenna Kithcart and Brooklyn Nordby broke out of the normal swimwear and decided to wear fuzzy jackets along with other warm clothes.

After the intriguing swimwear competition, the seniors began their incredible talents. Talents varied from things such as a pyramid scheme slideshow produced by David Mertz to a Ukulele cover of the song “Cecily Smith” by Usnavi Salgado. However, Lars Gummer dropped the jaws of the audience as he gracefully danced to his own original choreography to Billie Eilish. After these amazing acts, the competition continued as the contestants took on the “Night On The Town” category of the pageant. The boys either dressed very formal or goofy depending on their ideal night out look.

Mr. Panther came to end as the nominees were asked various questions about their four years at Santa Rosa High School. The event concluded with runner up given to Joseph Dethlefsen and the title of Mr. Panther 2019 given to Lars Gummer. This event is and has always been  truly loved by everyone at Santa Rosa High and it’s guaranteed that all of the students, their families, and SRHS staff members can’t wait for another year of this spectacular, entertaining tradition.

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