Ski season: tips on where to go

By Momo Mckamey

As the cold weather approaches and snow starts to fall in the Sierras, it’s time to dig out those skis from the back of the garage and take a three and a half hour road trip to beautiful Tahoe, California. Tahoe has a variety of different resorts to choose from depending on your level of skiing and what type of skiing you’re interested in.

The most common type of skiing, great for beginners, is casual alpine or downhill. Those who ski once or twice a season should consider renting skis to save money as opposed to buying a pair of skis. Most parks will offer rental skis, although for those who ski often, purchasing a pair of skis can actually save money. Santa Rosa Ski and Sports is a great local location to purchase skis or rent skis outside of the resort. If you are a beginner skier, consider getting lessons. Most resorts have designated lesson hours for many different age groups and levels.  Recommendations: Beginners should visit Sugar Bowl Resort. Tickets range from $63 to $125. Experienced skiers should visit Heavenly ski resort. Teen tickets are about $105 (prices may vary depending on the day).

Photo by Momo Mckamey

Cross country skiing is another form of skiing that is a bit more endurance based. Instead of skiing down large slopes, and being lifted by ski lifts, cross country skiers ski up hills and on flat ground to get a round. Cross country skis are characterized by the detachable foot binding and thinner skis. This allows skier to use their locomotion to glide across the snow. For inexperienced cross country skiers, lessons are highly recommended to help build skills. Most resorts will offer cross country ski rentals but many rental shops in Tahoe will also offer cross country ski rentals. Because cross country skiing isn’t as common as Alpine or downhill, it is recommended to check which shops will offer cross country skis before heading anywhere. Recommendations: Royal Gorge, a park connected to Sugar Bowl Resort. (bonus: they offer dog friendly trails!). Tickets prices for this season are not yet determined by the park. Northstar which offers tickets that range from $33 to 43.

SRHS student, Megan Jones is an avid skier and has been skiing since she was one years old. “My grandma… teaches skiing and she had me on skis when I was really young.” Jones described her favorite part of skiing as skiing with family and friends and skiing through unmarked or ungroomed terrain. “I like going off-piste and through the trees…Up at Northstar… there’s a place… called the Glade… it’s basically an entire run dedicated to being off piste.”“It’s… a really good experience…going to the different resorts.”


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