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The NRA: an organization for power, not democracy

By Katie Cederborg and Rachel Owen The National Rifle Association, created after the Civil War as a method of teaching young military men how to use rifles, was never meant to be so intertwined with the United States Government. In the simplest terms, the NRA has become an association meant to “protect” the way the organization defines the Second Amendment, largely due to the status quo. With gun owners spreading the notion that their “right to bear arms” will be infringed with gun regulation, people across the country have

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Hidden Santa Rosa: what is under the school?

By Sammi Bellinghausen and Isabella DeMattei From the outside, Santa Rosa High School is just another old brick building. Some don’t realize, however, SRHS is far more than meets the eye. Theo school has many different hidden locations that very few know about. This is because the hidden locations are too dangerous or inaccessible to students. Some of the locations are retired classrooms, old hallways, and storage rooms. We had the privilege of going on a tour of some of these secret hideaways lead by the former principal of

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Senior sets out to beautify school with Girl Scout project

By Star Mallamo On a walk around campus, one may realize some new changes around the math classrooms near Burke Hall. What was once a neglected patch of shrubs is now a garden, complete with raised vegetable beds and bark. This new addition to the school is the work of Moriah Plack, a senior here at Santa Rosa High. This project is what she completed to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award.  Plack explains, “The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting. To earn the award, a Girl Scout must complete many

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