Dining with DeMattei: the doughnut debate

By Isabella DeMattei

Photos by Isabella DeMattei

Tan’s Donut

Tan’s Donut on Fourth Street in Santa Rosa is the perfect place to stop and grab a few donuts. For the March issue, I decided to try a glazed and chocolate donut at each bakery since those are always two good indicators of the quality of a bakery. The donuts at Tan’s Donut cost around $0.95 per donut. Tan’s is cash only, so leave your credit card at home! Both the glazed and the chocolate looked good. The chocolate one was pretty decent, and was just your average chocolate donut. It had a good chocolate flavor and fluffy base. The glaze donut was my favorite at Tan’s. It was perfectly covered with glaze and had the same fluffy base as the chocolate donut; I was a big fan of the glazed donut. Overall, the donuts here were good, but not outstanding. I would go here if I was in the area and was craving a glazed donut.

Photo above: Tan’s Donut

The Jelly Donut

The Jelly Donut on North Dutton Avenue in the Roseland district in Santa Rosa have some of the best donuts I’ve ever had! They are open 24 hours a day to satisfy your donut cravings anytime of the day. One thing that is nice about the bakery being open 24 hours is that the donuts are made freshly throughout the day, instead of just in the morning like most donut places. I went around 12:30 pm and the donuts were fresh out of the fryer. I purchased a glazed donut and a chocolate donut. The chocolate donut had a rich chocolatey taste, a deeper flavor profile than most chocolate donuts I’ve ever tried. The donut itself was fluffy and fresh. The glazed donut was the pièce de résistance. The hard glaze gave the outside of the donut a nice bite that completed the warm fluffiness of the interior. I was in heaven with this donut. The Jelly Donut is my personal favorite place to go in Santa Rosa for donuts and I will undoubtedly be back soon!

Photo above: The Jelly Donut

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