Poetry Out Loud: The 2018 Annual Tournament

By Naomi Flores and Zuzu Morgan

This year’s Poetry Out Loud season provided Santa Rosa High School with excellent displays of talent. Poetry Out loud is a competition where students rehearse a memorized poem of their choice in front of their english class, and the class nominates the best performer to go to school wide competition. The winner of the school competition moves on to county, then on to state, and lastly on to nationals. The competition initially included a total of 15 contestants. Each presented a poem that hadbeen memorized and practiced in front of their classes. The judges, mainly Santa Rosa High School teachers, based their scores on voice, interpretation, accuracy, and body language. After viewing all of the preliminary recitations, the panel chose 9 finalists, who each presented an additional rehearsed poem.


Photo by Alexander Hays

Finalists were winnowed down to three winners: first, second, and third place. Third place and a 50 dollar prize went to Freshman Olaya Ciccarelli, second with a 75 dollar prize went to Senior Ethan Michaels, and Mia Fleisher-Dekozan, also a Freshman, won first place and earned 100 dollars for her performance. Fleisher-Dekozan will go on to the county-wide competition, and maybe even to state or nationals. Participating and placing in this Poetry Out Loud Competition is an excellent merit point to put on college applications and resumes, apart from being a challenging and exciting annual learning experience for the Santa Rosa High School community.

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