Debbie Sedletzky retires after 24 years

By Zuzu Morgan

This winter holiday marks the retirement of Debbie Sedletzky, the SRHS business office manager. She has worked for 24 years in the SRCS district, and spent the last six years at SRHS. As the supervisor of the business office, Ms. Sedletzky manages a lot of the school’s student-based finances.
“My favorite part of SRHS is my daily interaction with both the students and staff,” Sedletzky said in an interview. In her years in the SRHS business office, she has managed the funds for school dances, standardized test practice, clubs, and many other integral student activities, making her role at SRHS a pivotal one. She has been a natural at the job since she began it as well, saying that she was able to feel right at home with the other welcoming admin when she first started the job, despite her predecessor having held the position for 31 years.
Moreover, Sedletzky has enjoyed working at SRHS. “Something I will miss is the crazy times working at the Friday night football games,” she said. “After working an entire day; then, heading out to Nevers Field, I am always tired even before the evening starts. Sometimes I think that is why things strike me [as] so funny. My two co-workers, Leslie Pryor or Kristi Jones and I seem to laugh non-stop as we work collecting money…Even Leslie and I have taken some pretty goofy selfies in the ticket booth…It is always extremely busy, but we manage to get all the cash balanced and have a great time.”
Still, she is looking forward to a fun and productive retirement. In addition to spending more time with her two grandchildren, Sedletzky looks forward to travelling with her husband. With more vacation time now available to her and her family during the school year, they will be able to avoid the busier summer travel times.
And, of course, retirement will provide some much-needed relaxation. These days, Ms. Sedletzky has to get up at 4:00 am to get to SRHS on time. “I could rise at a normal hour each morning, workout, and have that additional cup of coffee that I always need,” she mentioned.
However, this may not be the last we see of Ms. Sedletzky at SRHS. She plans to sub occasionally in the district.
Overall, Debbie Sedletzky has been a very valuable and special staff member here at SRHS. While she will be greatly missed, it is time for the wonderful retirement that she deserves!

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