School is back in Session October 30th

On October 9, wildfires spread through Santa Rosa.

After three weeks, SRHS will be open again. The wildfires that spread through Sonoma, Napa, and Lake Counties caused many school closures. More than 71,000 students were affected by this.

It has been a long three weeks since students roamed the halls. Events that had been scheduled during the closure have been rescheduled, including testing, sporting events, and the annual homecoming dance.

On October 28, SRHS has two student events happening on site. The ACT exam is being held in DeSoto Hall. There will also be a football game between SRHS and CNHS. The evening is being dubbed the “First Responders” Night and will involve a celebration of those that worked so tirelessly to save our community.

Additionally, the Homecoming dance has been tentatively scheduled for December 2. SATs are being offered on November 4 in DeSoto Hall. Lastly the Senior College Application Night will now be held on November 7 at 6:00pm in the MPR, and the Financial Aid Night will be on the 13th in the MPR.

Many things are still being worked out. The administration and parent organizations have put together many resources to help those that need it. From gathering new school supplies for displaced students to organizing a return to the campus, the whole process has taken a monumental amount of effort.

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