City Garden Doughnuts and Coffee

by Lucy Merrill

Is the price worth the doughnut? The four dollar doughnuts at City Garden, in Santa Rosa, may seem a little pricey but the the quality just might be worth it.

City Garden is known for their beautiful gourmet doughnuts and their fresh brewed coffee. The doughnuts aren’t like your regular greasy, grocery store, pink box doughnuts. Instead they are made from a unique brioche dough made fresh in the back of the store every day.

The fluffy dough is glazed with an assortment of frostings and toppings. From classic chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles, to olive oil glaze topped with black pepper or honey lavender sprinkled with bee pollen. Not to forget my favorite, local strawberry. The combination of the crispy, light doughnut and the creamy, yet tangy strawberry frosting, that melts in your mouth, just makes my mouth water thinking about it.

City Gardens lives up to its name. The lot where the restaurant sits, on the corner of Leland and fourth street, used to be, simply, a city garden. They use, as advertised on a their sign, “curated local ingredients” and have goods baked “fresh daily.”

Don’t let the price scare you away. The atmosphere is very family friendly. The wide open floor plan allows you to see everything going on. Families with their kids running around wearing chocolate covered smiles, quiet couples sitting with their coffee, and giggly friends catching up, all sit in the echoey room. The glass windows looking into the kitchen are also fun, allowing you to watch employee’s roll out dough and decorate the many different kinds of doughnuts they serve. The walls make locals feel at home lined with photographs from around the city.

Whether you’re looking for a nice cup of coffee or a super yummy doughnut, head over to City Gardens. Get there early though, for they are known for running out quickly.


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