From Orientation to Departing Staff, SRHS Is Experiencing Major Changes

Santa Rosa High School held it’s two day orientation this week for the 2017 school year. Students received their new schedules on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Freshmen got a little extra attention at the annual Freshmen Orientation Night held in the auditorium on Wednesday.

With the new school year, there’s always bound to be changes. This year is no exception. With a number of retiring and departing teachers and staff, SRHS will certainly be going through an adjustment phase. We begin the new year with an interim administrator, Harriet Grey, filling in for Monica Baldenegro. Baldenegro has accepted a new position in Calistoga.  Grey has worked with us before and has been quite comfortable jumping in when the need arises. We will also be seeing changes in Science, ArtQuest, and History, as Regina Brennan, Sheri Miller, Shannon Wong, and the new digital arts teacher that was hired over the summer, will not be returning.

We will see additional changes in the offices. All of the staff in the attendance office quit over the summer. Jean Miller, who retired over a year ago from her position in the attendance office, will be coming back to us to help us through the transitional time.

Those who were use to the Home Access Center will now have to get use to a whole new system. The district is now using a program called Illuminate Ed. The program will take some time to roll out completely as the teachers have not yet been fully trained on how it works. Once it is in use, it will likely be a much better program than the HAC, but until then, well, patience is a virtue they say.

The editors of The Santa Rosan are just some of the many students managing a table at Orientation.

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