SRHS celebrates diversity at Multicultural Week



Two lion dancers line up before their big performance. They came to Santa Rosa High School representing Asian day.

On the second week of March, music, dancers, performers, food, and various cultures were present at Santa Rosa High. Despite the rain and unsuitable weather conditions, multicultural week went off without a hitch, and all festivities were held inside the south gym.

On Monday, Asian Day was celebrated with a dance involving the popular Chinese Lion, while students and staff enjoyed chow mein, fried rice, broccoli and beef, and orange chicken, provided by Panda Express.

On Tuesday, Latino Day was celebrated with an Aztec dance, as well as a singing performance. For five dollars, pupusas were available courtesy of Santa Rosa High School’s  Latinos Unidos club.

On Wednesday, it was Africa Day and ArtQuest intermediate dancers performed a few West African dances. A few soul foods, including ribs, chicken, baked beans, mac and cheese, and red velvet cupcakes from Molly’s Bakery were served. “We had a poster on the significance of soul food up that explained to the students why we were serving soul food, where it came from, and how it related to the idea of African culture,” said Keviette Minor, president of the Black Student Union (BSU). Africa day was organized by the BSU of SRHS, with the help of Santa Rosa Junior College’s BSU. “It was a little stressful but at the end of the day it was all worth it. The BSU was happy to educate SRHS on an aspect of our culture. That is the BSU’s goal: to educate while at the same time having fun,” said BSU president Keviette Minor.

On Thursday, European Day was celebrated with marinara meat pasta, pesto pasta, and garlic bread for five dollars.

Friday was marked as American Day, however, no performance or food was available.