New coffee shop, Holy Roast, a friendly addition


A new coffee shop was recently added to the local coffee scene in Santa Rosa. Located off of Mendocino Avenue in the downtown district, Holy Roast makes the ordinary coffee shop a little extra ordinary.

Wayne Conley, a Santa Rosa local, started the coffee shop with his wife. The name of the shop comes from their faith, as “Holy Roast” derives from “Holy Ghost.” Conley first entered the coffee world beginning at his local church handing out coffee to youth groups.

Holy Roast differs from the typical coffee house because possessing a laid back, homey feel, while simultaneously contradicting this with its earthy tones and a professional atmosphere. “It’s a perfect mix between the very professional  coffee [vibe] of Flying Goat and typical coffee vibe of Aroma’s, but like a quaint version with almost the same variety of people,” said Junior Luisa Ciaffa.

The coffee shop prides itself on offering drinks custom designed for the consumer. With every mocha or latte, the buyer is able to specify the preference of milk they would like. This doesn’t seem like something that is unusual for a coffee shop, but Holy Roast offers a large range of milk, from the typical almond and coconut milks and the harder to supply goat and rice milk, to milk for people with dietary restrictions or specific preferences, including hemp and soy milk.

The names of all drinks are also personalized to fit the shop’s image. Instead of the typical macchietto or chai, Holy Roast sets out to give each drink its own personality. They list these drinks on their menu under the ‘specialty’ category, as there is no other shop that makes them the same way. Specialty drinks include the German Chocolate, Tuxedo, and Coconut Cream.

Another thing that sets Holy Roast apart from the average coffee shop is its unique latte art. With any order of a hot drink, there is sure to be some sort of pattern or design drawn in the foam. Other coffee shops attempt designs like this, but achieve nothing as distinct and individualistic as Holy Roast.

Overall, the new shop is all about the customers, from the employees’ attentiveness, to all dietary needs, to their continuous book swap and provision of kitchen timers so customers don’t forget to feed the parking meters. Holy Roast is the prime example of what every coffee shop strives to be.