History teacher Adrian Camano leaves to pursue passion


History teacher Adrian Camano left on February 1. “I’m going to miss it,” said Camano,  “It’s definitely a big transition, but it’s a good transition. My parents still live down here and my son goes to school here.  There’s nothing negative I could say.”

Mr. Adrian Camano, teacher of world and U.S. history at Santa Rosa High School, has decided to retire after twenty-seven years of teaching in California.

“What made this happen is that my wife and I got a very good opportunity to buy a business up in the Shasta Area and so it’s going to be like sporting good grocery store and we are getting it at a very good price,” said Camano.

Camano has always dreamt of retiring to the Shasta area to fish and is excited to be moving where business and fishing opportunities are equally available.

Camano, a veteran Panther, will miss the school environment. He said, “It’s an awesome school, awesome students, awesome staff.”

Ska Club members celebrated his dedication during their last meeting on Thursday, January 28, 2016 and all of his students will continue to remember Camano’s smiling face.

Camano leaves this school saying “It’s kind of like a spiritual path for me also. It’s just what I want to do and I’m leaving here with no hard feelings or anything like that.”

Camano’s last day was Monday, February 1, 2016. Once a Panther, always a Panther.