College and Career Center a welcome add on


With tests, quizzes, homework, and school work on everyone’s minds as they walk through Santa Rosa High’s long crowded halls, many have forgotten the amazing resources being offered behind its doors.

One of those resources happens to be the College and Career Center (CCC) located in room 103 in the main building. Greeted by an open laptop to sign in, a plethora of posters and brochures on colleges and careers, computers and comfortable furniture, and a warm welcoming from Ms. Jones, the post secondary opportunities unravel.

The college and career center has been open since November of this school year, after being nonexistent for about ten years. Prior to the opening of the CCC, help and advice for post secondary options at school had been handled primarily by school counselors and a few teachers who had offered their help. Due to the high ratio of students at SRHS, the new CCC can offer additional support and reach even more students.

“I look at this creation [CCC] like you would at a small business. You open the doors one day to build programs, relationships, networking, etc, and it takes time for people to know about it and come check it out” said Ms. Jones. The CCC offers a myriad of resources involving colleges and jobs. It holds presentations and workshops on college planning, how to fill out UC and CSU applications, explain the differences between the SAT and ACT tests, planning on financial aid, gaining job interviewing skills, writing resumes, and much more. The school district has also purchased a helpful online site known as Naviance, available to every student on campus, it’s purpose being to navigate possible colleges, college-matching, scholarships, as well as apprenticeships, vocational schools, military recruiters, and more.

“The mission and philosophy of the CCC is that it’s meant for everyone. Everything in here may not be for everybody, but if you find one or two things that might be for you, then I feel as though we are doing our job” said Ms. Jones. The CCC is simply a must visit.