The Flipside

In today’s generation, masculinity is a trait thaIMG_5043t is highly valued by most males. It’s a concept most seem to subconsciously agree on, and participate in, but only because people within society have been told to do so. Everyone says to “man up,” but is that necessarily a good thing? In this era, the definition of masculinity varies, but the dictionary definition is ‘’having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, such as strength and boldness.’’ Now this can be interpreted many ways, but the way society has taken this is literal. Society tells men today that they, physically, have to be strong. This is shown in just about every magazine everywhere, whether it be Men’s Health or Vogue, they can’t escape the standards that are placed on them everyday.

Crying or blushing are two emotions that are frowned upon and are often called ‘’feminine’’ or ‘’abnormal’’ or often mistaken as weakness. The list goes on and on, we keep demanding that men act or look a certain way. No one realizes the psychological effect this has on men. Men, just like woman, can become depressed, but it wouldn’t be obvious to a person on the outside because, once again, men aren’t allowed to show emotion. Depression is more or less a negative emotion. According to an article by James Clear with the Huffington Post he said, ‘’negative emotions narrow your mind and focus your thoughts…if you’re depressed or angry your emotion might consume you to the point where you can’t think of anything else’’..The other side to that is that since society tells them not to show emotion, they won’t ever talk about their “insecurities”.

Since they won’t talk about it, change won’t ever occur, but if we start looking at the flip side of things, we can start to make a change. Men have been told for years how to act, by their fathers, peers, and other adults. As a generation, we have let society tell men what to be, what the status quo is. Women are fighting for equal pay and equal respect, they’re breaking their traditionally ascribed gender roles, and it’s time for men to do the same. It’s time for us to make a change, to look at the flip side of things.