Avengers 2 Review

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, came out recently and is already setting box office records around the world. Despite being just a few weeks old, the movie has sparked great debates in its fan base. A movie this big deserves an in-depth review.
Overall, the movie was fantastic. Some believe the Marvel franchise has been getting too big for its own good, but this movie certainly lived up to almost impossible expectations. It was witty, creative, captivating, action-packed, huge in a good way– it is overall good clean fun, filled with great character development and new characters. It made fans think while growing anticipation for the movies coming up. Marvel is on its way up, and this movie surely helped it in the right direction.
If you would like to avoid spoilers, please stop here. Continue at your own risk.
One of the biggest critiques of the movie so far concerns how the writers handled Black Widow as a character, as well as her relationship with Bruce Banner that began to unfold within the movie. Fans are saying that the character development she did get wasn’t truly character development, just ways to move along their relationship. But this isn’t the case, because the fact that Natasha was able share the information she did with Bruce was character development in and of itself– moments from her past allowed for more thorough character development. Another complaint was that, after being captured by Ultron, she waited around for someone to save her, which is completely untrue. She independently figured out a way to get the Morse code message to Clint in order to tell him where she and Ultron were. So many times, Black Widow showed off incredible skills and strength, and the fans seems to forget all of the good she did.
It should also be mentioned that, even though it was the woman captured in this movie, causing a lot of fans to comment saying they were making her a “damsel in distress,” a man, Hawkeye, was captured in the first movie– within the first ten minutes, might I add.
Another criticism revolves around the Maximoff twins’ backstory in this movie, regarding how they volunteered for Hydra’s experiments due to their hatred towards the Avengers and Tony Stark in particular (as their old apartment building and parents blew up in a Stark Industries-made bomb). In the comics, the twins were children of the mutant Magneto, the enemy of the X-Men and a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Originally, Jewish characters volunteering for a Nazi-inspired group’s program didn’t go over well for the fans, but there is something people are failing to see. This Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch had to be changed from the comics’ Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch due to copyrights. The X-Men franchise already brought in its own Quicksilver, so this set of twins has no relations to Magneto whatsoever. They are just two adults from Eastern Europe who volunteered for experiments that could help them get revenge on their parents’ murderer. This plotline added a level of emotion and character development that the twins needed in order to validate themselves later.
It goes without saying that I am a huge Avengers fan and have been since the first movie to begin this upward trend, Iron Man, was brought into my life. I saw the first Avengers movie nine separate times while it was in theaters. I was not disappointed and really enjoyed it, as I said earlier. As a huge Hawkeye fan, I completely loved the character development he received and how it was shown just how important he is to the team, as well as Black Widow’s story and growth as an important team member. The new characters were brought in very well and even given some development of their own, despite being new to the party. Everyone received more equal screen time than in the last movie, and the plot was advanced along the way to set up for the third movie. I truly can’t wait for Avengers: Infinity Wars, but I think I’ll go see this one a few more times before it leaves the theaters.