A Call to Students

The teachers have made their stance on the idea of getting a pay raise very clear to the community. But where are the students in this? Seniors have begun talks of joining the protests this week and in the future, but nothing is stopping the rest of the school from joining in as well, whether it be in their protests or in protests of our own.

Teachers protesting for their own salaries is expected, but students from not only Santa Rosa High, but all high schools in the district joining in would truly get the point across. Students have spoken at school board meetings. Two seniors, Vivienne Luthin and Mackenzie Cahill, have already begun protesting on Monday. “Teachers help support our future and kinda teach the future generations of the world, so why not support them at making our world better?” said Vivienne Luthin when asked why students should participate.

Teachers have done so much for students, and now is the time to give that back- even if this might seem small. As it is said, a single rain drop doesn’t know it will cause the flood.