This year, the SRHS Badminton team will have a shorter yet more challenging game schedule. After last year’s season, many coaches from the badminton teams in the local league convened and decided to divide the league into two divisions to make games more competitive and to prevent frequent shut-outs. The Santa Rosa team, who placed number one in the league last year, will be placed in the upper division. They will be competing against Montgomery, Maria Carrillo, Casa Grande, and Windsor.
Due to there being only half as many teams in the league, the season will be much shorter and pushed back. The Santa Rosa Team will not have its first match until April, whereas in previous years the season began in early March. This has given every team in the league a significant increase in time for preseason training. The increase practice time coupled with the increased competitiveness of the league means that this years season could be very close.
In addition to using the extra month for practice, Santa Rosa’s Badminton Coach, Brett Williams, has gone forward and organized three tournaments. These tournaments have taken place each Friday during March, provide each team in the league a chance to allow some of their best players to compete. Each of the tournaments has a specific category: the first is singles, the second is doubles, and the third is mixed doubles.